Thank you for leading such a powerful course. I have enjoyed it and gotten so much out of it. It's truly been life changing for me [...] I am able to stay with what is for so much longer and when I don't and check out, I can talk to myself kindly and try again. Even with the challenges of marriage and parenting, I feel more alive & open than ever.

Jayme Z.


I can lift a car. I like lifting really heavy things. Chopping wood excites me. I’ve got a red beard and weigh close to 300lbs. One would not view me as a typical participant in a course like this. But trust me guys, of all types, it is a valuable course. Don’t balk and shrug it off as a NorCal hippy thing. Nope it’s a solid course, a way to grow yourself from the inside. If you stick with this course, and maybe even attend it with your significant other, your relationships will deepen. You’ll end up judging yourself less and see the common threads between all of us. Every section of the course gets you to a better understanding of yourself and those around you.

Keith W


As an avid sports fan, who prizes my NFL time above all else, there’s not much that could keep me away from my living room for eight Sundays in a row during football season. I can authentically say that spending those Sundays doing MSC was worth the sacrifice. I can’t remember the last time I focused on myself in this way, and I can say it really benefitted me both professionally and personally. Luana and Sean’s teaching styles really complement one another, and they cultivated a safe environment that made me feel comfortable sharing about my experience.

Scott S.


I can say without reservation that this course changed my life. Though I do not think it necessary to be going through difficult life circumstances, I also think it really helped that I was. This course showed me how to comfort myself and move through pain and hold it in a way that it was bearable. It helped me learn to support myself in difficult emotions which had the effect of giving me freedom not to act from those emotions when that was not in my best interest. I could write pages on what I learned and how it supported me in allowing my heart to open to it all — the painful and the joyful. Sean and Luana are skillful and selfless teachers, very authentic and open. They helped me in particular to learn more about how to move from my head into my body and I learned that is a much easier way to deal with pain. I am so grateful I took this journey and I will do it again when offered.

Cami M.


I did not have very high expectations for this course, and it seemed expensive. But after taking the course, I could not be happier with the results. Such a helpful topic for me to ingrate into my life, and such wonderful teachers to help. Totally worth every penny and second.

Nate J.


When I started working with Sean, I really didn’t believe therapy could work for me. I had been through 5 or 6 failed attempts at therapy, which each just seemed to make me feel worse about my situation and increase my anxiety. I was so anxious that I had been too sick to work or go to school in months. Skeptical as I was, Sean was able to really gain my trust. He was incredibly non-judgemental and gave me space to share whatever I was working through. He was patient, empathetic and caring; and he offered incredible insight on each situation I was struggling with. He taught me practical skills for working with the symptoms and emotions I was experiencing. He encouraged me and reminded me of my strengths. When talking to Sean, I always felt like I had somebody who understood what I was going through and was really feeling it with me. He seemed genuinely happy when things went well for me. When I was sad, he was sad with me, not just monitoring my sadness from afar. It felt like I had someone on my team. That kindness not only allowed me to open up and explore my problems, but it also helped me to see how to be kinder to myself, which was the root of a lot of my problems in the first place. Sean has helped me to overcome so many of my emotional and physical challenges. Now, far from disabled, I am living a full, active life. I have achieved dreams I didn’t think were possible because of the work I did with Sean. Moreover, I feel like he has helped me become more able to overcome future challenges on my own. I feel more resilient, capable, confident and healthy after our time together. It has made an impact that will be with me for the rest of my life. He has my highest recommendation and all my gratitude.

Individual Psychotherapy Client


Along the journey of life we have opportunity to meet guides who help show us the wonder still left in the world. Sean is one of those guides. Sean is well practiced in viewing the items that we ourselves have taken for granted for most of our lives. He helps to bring attention to the forgotten corners of our being, those places that we ceased to review or challenge. After 10 years of dating/marriage my wife and I knew the well traveled path of how we interacted. When injured she would lash out and when injured I would withdraw, it was a dance we knew well and so it was natural that we ceased to look at the interaction and the reasons why the other was injured. We knew without doubt that the other just didn’t like the person we were. On the most base fundamental level we didn’t like each other. Or so we thought. As a last ditch emergency measure to avoid the coming black storm of divorce we found Sean and he agreed to help us find a path through the mess we had created. The tangled maze of man-in-the-middle communication (we couldn’t hear each other), quicksand pits of despair, missed connections, anger, spilt minestrone soup, empty tanks of gas, and ROUS’s all were blocking the way to our happiness and success. Sean deftly saw many of the early patterns and called them out like a river guide floating down the river. What he didn’t do is tell us exactly what we were looking at because he could not know, only we could. Sean would point to items in our past, items that had injury, and we would review them in detail and see if there were unaddressed items under the surface of the river. FYI, there is always something under the river. Knowing how to identify it and talk about it was, and is, the key to understanding the beauty of our relationship. The time we spent with Sean allowed us to kill the man-in-the-middle and talk directly to each other without missing the meaning and love. It has allowed us to get into the quicksand pit of despair and sit there with love until both of us are ready to get out. It has allowed us to see the love that we had for each other the whole time. Both of us had nothing but love for the other but we could not see past our own junk. Sean did not “fix” us, it turns out there was nothing broken, he simply helped us to see the truth of the love we both had. He pointed out the dark caves of the past we hid from. He helped guide us to the bend in the river where you come out of the canyon and into the beautiful valley. We are now at a point where we have never been in a more loving relationship with solid communication and support. We have the relationship now that we have always desired. We are confident in going down the rest of the river on our own and being able to spot the beauty of our surroundings. There will be rapids but we know how to deal with them now.

EFT Couples Therapy Client


After 10 years with my husband I knew, without a doubt, that he didn’t like me. Everything I said fell on short ears, and he was constantly lashing out at me. We decided to try counseling, as we didn’t want to throw in the towel without trying it. We found Sean and learned not only how to love one another, but, more importantly, how to love ourselves. We learned that we can have hurt feelings, frustrate each other, be annoyed at things the other does, and still be in a loving secure relationship. We learned how to find support in one another when we’re hurting. We learned how to support the other when s/he is hurting. We learned, without a doubt, that we loved each other dearly and deeper than we thought possible. Sean taught us how to communicate so we feel heard and how to have a secure bond. I can say with conviction that Sean saved our marriage. It was such an amazing and rewarding time, and gives me so much happiness to know in my soul I can always find love and support in my husband and he can find the same in me.

EFT Couples Therapy Client


What was most beneficial was the way in which Sean and Luana set the environment for the course, modeling MSC throughout each session and offering sweet support and guidance both for the group and individually. They really held the group!

Rebecca B.


I got a lot out of this course. It seeped in as opposed to me working on it. Even my resistance helped me recognize this.

Tara B


The teachers created a nurturing and safe environment. They lived and practiced mindful self-compassion during class and with each other. This was an excellent course and one that I vow to continue to utilize in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sue Ellen J.


Deeply moving and enlightening course for me. I have realized that self compassion takes courage, but is transformational.

Suzi A.


This course was an amazing experience. One of the experiences I had during the retreat was one of the top 10 moments of my entire life. Up until the day of the retreat, “Every one being connected” was just words for me. Since that day I truly believe that all beings are connected. Thank you Sean & Luana for this wonderful gift.

Abhi G.


Sean and Luana, let me thank you from the bottom (and all around) my heart, for your wonderful leading and sharing of MSC. I am so very grateful. You skillfully shared yourselves, created a safe space for all of us to delve into our own inner depths, and taught us so many valuable tools to become more whole and authentic and present human beings. What the world needs now!

Mary L.


The course helped me strengthen my intention to love and use moments of suffering as a cue to greater loving-kindness and compassion. Very holding and nurturing experience. Thank you very much for your generosity, your support, and your love! I’m very grateful for this wonderful experience!

Meghana T.


It helped me open my heart. It was challenging, enlightening, spiritual. I learned a great deal about myself—It’s helped greatly in my journey to ‘fall in love with taking care of myself’.

Keziha P.


Luana and Sean's easy going, complementary styles were quite valuable to me. [...] The phrases and compassionate listening were helpful for me to listen to others without having to fix the situation. I tend to want to fix and remove the person's pain. Part of being a parent I guess. These helped not to take on their shit, but still be available for them. Thanks so much. You guys rock!

Flo F.


The unique bond and presentation skills of the instructors enabled me to feel very safe. My growth happened because of the “team” […] This course allowed me to transform into a grateful, mindful, self-compassionate being. My life has changed in so many positive ways. Not only do I experience life more fully each day—I have learned incredible skills to help me enjoy life more.

Lisa H.


I've had multiple clients go through Sean's MSC workshop and they've all been profoundly impacted: improved self-compassion, awareness of feelings to a greater degree, and a deeper commitment to self-care. Witnessing these transformations has been powerful in our individual work together.

Nina Unger, RN, LCSW


Luana and Sean are both exceptional resources/teachers. I loved all aspects of the course. Fabulous, enlightening, life changing, 'game changer.' The course was like a great vacation in that it was over in 8 weeks and I wanted more!

Karen G.


My recent course of MSC has had a profound change on my life. Anxiety has been a growing monster in my life, accompanied by her close side kick depression. I fought the anxiety and fed the depression as any seemingly sane, pain-seeking person would do. The first time I was introduced to MSC was at at Sean and Luana’s open house, “soothe yourself with touch”, he said, “talk to yourself as you would a dear friend who is in pain”, she said. “Why, why would I do that? I don’t deserve to be treated so sweetly”, I told myself. Until I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my heart and told myself, “it’ll be ok, this will pass, you’re not the only person going through this”. I felt tears welling up and couldn’t believe how deeply those words hit me. I felt the warmth of my words envelope me like a caring, gentle loved one would do. I felt my chest open up and tightness loosen. I signed up for the 8 week course immediately. From that day on I focused my energy on recognizing when I was fighting the anxiety monster or preparing depression a warm meal. I soothed myself and spoke to myself sweetly throughout the day and days to come. The many techniques I learned in the 8 week course have helped me win every battle with the anxiety monster and I do not find myself feeding depression at all. Anxiety still comes knocking at my door, but I now know how to let her in and not fight with her. I know how to acknowledge she is there and not be offended by her presence. I can continue my life around her, and most times she leaves on her own without me even knowing it. Depression isn’t with her anymore, I let her starve to death. I feel sad about average things here and there, as anyone does, but I don’t sit down and feed her.
The MSC course with Doctors Sean and Luana Cook is an experience everyone should have. The lessons they touch can be used in every aspect of your life. They are amazing people everyone should have the honor of knowing.

Asha K.