Sean and Luana are ICEEFT-Certified Supervisors, offering supervision in the practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).

Our strengths as supervisors lie in our clear understanding of the of the model and a deep investment in building safety and trust in the supervisory relationship. We remember how nervous we felt showing early tape to supervisors. This work is so very challenging and it humbles all of us. To learn EFT, we must own our strengths and our successes, and we must also get curious about where we miss, fail, and make mistakes. For many of us, this brings up anxiety and even shame. We have found our background as certified Mindful Self-Compassion teachers to be particularly helpful in supporting our supervisees in the process of learning EFT. There is something powerful about holding a couple as they turn toward the places that scare them and then learn to hold each other. There is something equally powerful in the supervisory process when we can hold a supervisee as they turn toward the scary places and learn to trust themselves there.

Fee: $170 for 50-minute session

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